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    3. Nov 3,2017
    solicitor website designers

    Law Firm Website Design: Making Improvements

    Professional Law Firm Website Design isn’t about making something pretty. (Though we’ll admit that it doesn’t hurt if you do!) It’s about creating a platform that brings in clients for you firm. That’s why today, we’re going to take a look at the most fundamental changes you can make to your website to ensure it actually makes you money.

    Limit How Many
    Choices Users Can Make

    There’s a reason that more and more online retailers are introducing a ‘1-click’ purchase option: it’s because the more choices users have to make, the more likely they are to have second thoughts.

    The same goes for websites built to obtain professional clients. If you’re a solicitor, your aim is to get potential clients to get in touch with you, whether by phone, email or whatever your chosen method is.

    Your website should be entirely focused on that: minimise how many clicks clients have to make to get in touch. For every extra click they have to make, you’ll suffer a drop-off.

    Keep it as simple as possible when it comes to thew design of your website.

    Make Sure Your
    Website is Speedy

    As well as being a Search Engine Optimisation ranking signal, site speed is also invaluable when it comes to converting traffic.

    A slow website comes across to modern web users as unprofessional. It’s simply standard to have a site that loads fast. If you don’t, you’ll lose potential clients. Remember, you’re targeting busy people that put a real premium on their time. Because of this, not only does your website need to be top notch, your site’s functionality is just as important!

    A slow website creates a bad impression in a market where demonstrating professionalism is as essential as ever.

    Don’t Be Afraid
    of White Space

    Too many websites – and e-commerce sites, specifically – are guilty of filling every single inch of space with extra ‘stuff’.

    When it comes to your website’s design, you want to avoid this. Think clean, simple and elegant. If in doubt, leave the area of the page blank.

    Only give your potential clients what they need.

    Yes, Colour Scheme Matters

    Use the right colour combinations and you’ll improve your conversions.

    There have been multiple studies done demonstrating how colours make us feel a certain way: red inspires passion, blue can cause feelings of tranquillity, and so on.

    As the great Zig Ziglar said: “Sales is the transference of feeling”. Get your colour scheme right, and your site will constantly be working to get your potential customers in the mood to buy, without you having to lift a finger!

    Your design should rely on calm, authoritative tones. Vibrant is not what you’re going for. Grey, beige, white and the occasional splash of blue or navy will work fine. These colours represent trust, strength and dependability. For certain fields of law, such as Family Law, then bright colours such as yellow are suitable, as this represents positivity, clarity and optimism – this is what a Family Law practice would aim to bring to their clients in times of hardship and unfortunate circumstances.

    Get in Touch

    If you’re interested in professional website development and design that’ll improve your profits, get in touch today.

    Click Here to Contact Us

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    3. Sep 27,2017
    law firm marketing & law firm seo specialists at CPD conference in glasgow

    The Solicitors Group – CPD Conference

    The UK’s Largest Legal Events & Training Company are holding their Glasgow event on 27/09/2017 and 28/09/2017 at the Grand Central Hotel.

    Over the next two days we are attending The Solicitors Group’s conference event in Glasgow. We are delighted to attend and offer our specialist web and marketing services to all the law firms coming along for their CPD training during the event.

    Not only is this one of the UK’s largest legal events and training conference taking place local to us in Glasgow, with over 450 attendees due over the next two days we are excited to tell them about how we can help develop their practice and help their profits grow over the year ahead.

    If you are coming along to this event make sure to say hello to Andy and Robbie, who will be only to happy to meet you and discuss any issues you are having with your marketing.

    They are offering a free health check for your website during the event with lots of interesting and practical advice on how to ensure your website’s performance improves, plus lots of other free goodies for you to enjoy …. make sure you say hi to them!

    If you can’t attend this event, then don’t worry we can still offer you our free website health check which will give you lots of crucial feedback on how your current legal website is performing, just call us on 0141 538 2411 and tell us you want “a free website health check”.

    Click here to send us your details and we will create your very own custom growth blueprint marketing plan which will enable your practice to reach new heights this year. We are offering this advanced plan free of charge to you (saving £385) for a very limited time only and places will fill up quick. Send us your details and we will try to secure your place! If you prefer to personally talk to a local expert then call us on 0141 538 2411.

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    3. Sep 19,2017
    law firm seo

    Law Firm SEO Tips from a Professional Digital Marketing Agency

    Law Firm SEO:
    How to Perfectly Optimise a Page

    Perhaps the most fundamental skill in the world of content marketing for law firms is ensuring your page gets picked up by the search engines. However, on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed substantially since the days of stuffing keywords! Meaning it’s now a bit harder to conduct Law Firm SEO than before, a good reason to seek this service from experts only.

    Here, then, are the key basics to ensuring your page is optimised for the right keyword:

    Ensure Your Title Tag
    Starts With your Keyword

    search engine searching for law firm seo experts in the uk

    Your aim should be to include your keyword as close as possible to the front of your title tag.

    So, if you’re targeting the keyword ‘London legal assistance’ as part of your Law Firm SEO process, your tag should read something like:

    ‘London legal assistance: where to find a great firm.’

    Or, ‘London legal assistance: what to look for’.

    The key is to make it very clear to the search engines what your post is about.

    Make Sure Your URL
    is as Simple as Possible

    lawyer searching for solicitor website designers

    This is one area where many people go wrong. They optimise everything else but leave URL generation to their CMS.

    Needless to say, you shouldn’t make the same mistake: Google uses your URL as another key indicator as to your page’s topic.

    Make your URL as simple as possible, and if it’s possible, have your keyword as the URL.

    So, taking the London legal assistance example again, your URL would become:


    This won’t be possible on some sites, particularly if you use the same keyword across multiple pages, but where possible, ensure you keep your URL as short and keyword-focused as possible.

    This will help in the success of your Law Firm SEO efforts.

    Include Images and
    Edit Their Alt-Text

    high quality images boosts your law firm seo

    Bounce rate is a key search metric, and you need to try and prevent people landing on your page and just leaving.

    Images have been proven to decrease bounce rate. However, you need to ensure you set your keyword as the image’s alt-text. Once again, this demonstrates to the search spiders exactly what your page is all about.

    Whether your image is of one of your team members, your offices or is simply stock, ensure you edit the alt-text.

    Include Your Keyword in the
    First 100 Words of Your Post
    (First Paragraph)

    female solicitor writing on a white laptop about law firm seo

    The earlier you confirm to the search engines that, yes, this post or page IS about what the title suggests, the better.

    With that in mind, ensure you slip the keyword into the first paragraph of your main body copy while conducting Law Firm SEO. So, using our example again, you’ll want to begin with something like:

    ‘Finding London legal assistance can be tough. After all, there are a lot of firms in the city, and…’

    And so on.

    Get in Touch

    give our law firm seo experts a call today

    This is the best tip of all! Don’t go to amateur Law Firm Website Designers or a mediocre Content Marketing Agency. Seek support and assistance from the professionals, just like your client’s do with you!

    These are all fairly basic tips, but they really make a difference. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in law, pick up the phone and call us today.

    Click Here for more information on how to Contact Us

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    3. Jun 15,2017
    solicitor website designers

    Pains and Frustrations

    We know exactly what pains and frustrations Solicitors come across when trying to run a business and we know exactly how to combat them.
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    3. Jun 5,2017
    solicitor high court

    Web Design Specifically for Solicitors and Lawyers

    Lawyer Website Design

    We’ve been in the web design business for over 11 years, we’ve produced hundreds of websites and bespoke applications for a variety of law firms all across the UK and Worldwide. So it’s fair to say what we don’t know about website design and online marketing for solicitors, isn’t worth knowing!

    From simple website builds to custom built web projects that are continuously developing, there isn’t much we haven’t come across. Every single client of ours is different and this has to reflected in the designs. We have a team of professional and super talented graphic designers, web developers, coders and SEO marketing experts all under the one roof to ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure the end result is perfect.

    Law Firm Marketing

    After a website is built, it needs to be promoted within the search engines to ensure that the clients exact target audience can easily find and interact with the website. Then and only then is when a website is starting to work it’s magic. We are online marketing specialists so we know exactly what we need to do to drive those all important visitors to your website and to help them convert into business for you.

    As we get to know our clients business more and more, our services and what we can do for you expand even further. From website design and development to search engine optimisation, through to all of your printed goods such as corporate brochures or business cards to promote your brand new website. We offer all of this under the one roof, so there’s no need to have lots of different suppliers.

    Get in touch with us today to discuss your business requirements.

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    3. Mar 31,2015
    solicitor and lawyer website design london

    Solicitor Website Design London

    Are you a solicitor based in London who is interested in launching a website for your law firm? Today it is difficult to be a successful solicitor in London without having a website. Online presence is of paramount importance today, if you want to stay on top of the competition. Getting a website designed for your London solicitor service need not be a cumbersome process. Added to that, you are also not required to have any technical knowledge to launch a website. All that you need to do is to pick up your phone and give us a call. At Solicitor Website Designers, we are a professional website design company with years of experience in the industry.

    Trustworthy Providers of
    Website Design London

    If you are in search of a trustworthy solicitor website design London service provider, we are here to cater to your needs. We have several years of experience in creating user friendly websites for solicitors and for law firms. As we have several years of industry specific experience, we are able to guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction no matter what their solicitor website design London requirements are. Take advantage of our experience and our outstanding web design solutions. We will deliver fully custom built websites for promoting your solicitor services. You will have a unique website to promote your services and to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition in London.

    A Highly Reputable
    Web Design Company

    We are well known in the website design industry for our competitively priced services. We extend our solicitor website design services to London and the surrounding areas, but you do not incur the same costs as your local London website design company because we are not based in London. This enables us to deliver exceptional solicitor web design services to our customers in London at a much lower prices. Solicitor Website Designers London services assures the highest standard websites at the fastest turnaround time. We have a large team of talented designers to build your websites on time. You will find our team very friendly and at the same time very professional.

    High Standards

    We adhere to very high quality standards in offering our website design London services. We also have a very strong customer support team to ensure that all our customers are served well and all their concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. For totally stress free website design London service, choose Solicitor Website Designers and you will certainly not be disappointed. No web design requirements are too small or too complex for us. We work with all kinds of web design budgets.

    No Obligations Quote

    Send us your requirements to get a no obligation quote. We can tailor our solutions based on your requirements and your budget. We will never force down your throat rigid web design packages unlike the other companies. You just need to pay for what you get. Our team is always ready to go the extra mile to keep the customers satisfied and happy. We are sure that you too will be impressed with our website design London services.

    Get in Touch

    If you’re looking for Solicitor Website Design London services, then please us today on 0141 538 2411

    solicitor website design london

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    3. Mar 10,2015
    lawyer website designers in east kilbride

    Solicitor Website Designers East Kilbride

    Are you a solicitor or do you run a law firm and want to promote your services online? Have you been scouting the web for affordable solicitor website designers in East Kilbride? We can help you! Solicitor Website Designers is a well-established solicitor web design agency offering the most comprehensive range of web design solutions at the most reasonable prices. We take pride in being the most sought after lawyer website designers East Kilbride company. All our web design solutions and services are built around customer satisfaction. While we try hard to bring to our customers affordable web design solutions, we never compromise on the quality of the services that we offer.

    Bespoke Lawyer Website Designers East Kilbride

    If you have been using readymade templates to cut costs, then you can say goodbye to those boring designs that undermine your image online. Let the top experts in the web design industry create bespoke web designs. We have specialist lawyer website designers who are passionate about the creation of outstanding website design for solicitors and law firms. Our company comes with industry specific web design experience as far as designing websites for solicitors are concerned.

    We will first listen to your requirements and your special preferences. Based on your preferences we will start creating your website from scratch. You can now have a highly impressive online presence without having to worry about exorbitant web design expenses. Contact us today to discuss your web design requirements in detail and get your custom quote for your bespoke web design.

    Highly Optimised Websites To Fight Online Competition

    At Solicitor Website Designers, we are mindful of creating websites that perform well in the search results. Yes, only websites that enjoy good online visibility will attract traffic. To ensure that your website performs well in all the leading search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing we make use of highly search engine friendly web design concepts without losing the user friendliness of your website layout. We create easy to navigate websites that your customers will find it easy to use.

    Websites That You Can Manage All By Yourself

    You will be able to manage your own website. Yes, we make use of robust content management systems to build your website, which will allow you to make updates to your web pages or to your website easily at the click of a mouse. You do not need any programming or coding skills to manage your website that we design for you. This will help you save substantially on the long run, as you are not required to hire a web designer or programmer for making simple updates.

    The Best Customer Service

    We provide our customers with the best customer service in the industry. We are a very professional web design company that is keen on delivering outstanding lawyer website designers East Kilbride solutions that you can trust. You can reach us easily through email or through phone. We make the entire website design process absolutely hassle free.

    Get In Touch

    01698 745155

    solicitor website design East Kilbride

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    3. Aug 20,2014
    solicitor web design

    Solicitor Website Design

    What’s so Important About
    Solicitor Website Design?

    Are you a UK based solicitor? Where do you think that people first go today when they are in need of a law firm or when they are in need of some legal assistance? With the advent of the internet, how people look for legal services in the UK has changed dramatically. Rather than asking for references from their friends or acquaintances, people today first reach to their smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops or their desktop PCs to run a quick search online. That’s why, with our solicitor website design services, we can bring your law firm into the new age of marketing and website design.

    Keep Up With
    The Times

    If you do not want to be considered outdated and if you want to keep yourself busy round the year, then it is vital that you launch a website to promote your law firm and your legal services in the UK. Launching a solicitor website will give your brand excellent visibility. Your prospective clients will be able to access your law firm round the clock. Your website will introduce your law firm to them and help them in their initial survey even if they are searching outside your business hours.

    When you do decide to launch a website for your law firm, make sure to get a self-managed solicitor website designed. When you approach a solicitor website design company, you need to tell them that you would like to update your website yourself without having to approach a web design company each time you have an update to make in your website. In other words, you need to create a user-friendly website that will allow you to make updates without any need for technical skills.

    You Can Manage
    Your Own Website

    Why solicitors should go for self-managed websites? People that are looking for legal assistance look for the latest information about your services. They would like to know how successful you are in the industry. As a solicitor, it is important that your website showcases your latest success stories, the latest client testimonials, case studies and your own service updates. The nature of your business demands that you make regular updates to your website. If you need to approach a web design company to make these updates, you will be required to pay your service provider each time you need to make an update. There may also be unnecessary delays in making these simple updates, which can in fact be done at your end easily in few simple clicks without having to spend any money as long as you build your website using the right platforms. We also understand that sometimes solicitors can be very busy, so we offer a full update service on our content managed websites.

    We’re The Industry’s Professionals

    If you approach an experienced solicitor web design company, they will suggest the right platforms for creating websites that will allow the website owner to update the websites without any need for special technical skills. For example, using open source platforms such as WordPress, it is possible to provide such user-friendly features to your website. Your solicitor web design company should however have experience working with such platforms and have advanced customisation capabilities of such open source platforms.

    Solicitor Website Designers is one of the most trusted web design companies in the UK that helps solicitors in creating fully customised, user-friendly websites at the most reasonable prices.

    Get in Touch

    If you’re looking for an excellent Solicitor Web Design service then call us today on 0141 538 2411

    solicitor website design

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